Monday, 25 February 2013

millet and buckwheat bread (gluten free)

This is my absolute favorite homemade bread. I love it  for a few reasons mainly because it is has a lovely nutty flavor and it is dense and filling. It is a great bread to make because it comes together in under ten minutes and then bakes for twenty and there you have it, delicious home made bread. Like a lot of homemade bread it doesn't keep without being put in the fridge/ freezer as soon as it is cool but it does freeze really well. I have been enjoying big slices with avocado with tahini miso spread or sun dried tomato pate (recipes to follow!). Feel free to play around with the spices/ herbs to see what you like. I like it a little bit spicy but feel free to leave out all the herbs if you want to put something sweet on it like almond butter and honey....

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

raw blondies

I've been thinking lately about how to create delicious, healthy desserts that are vegan but also nut free. I have a couple of good friends with really serious allergies to nuts but who still want healthy sweet treats to enjoy. This one is for them. Since making this I have been thinking about how this could be used as a base for raw cakes as well. You could easily add raw cacao to make this extra chocolatey or swap the banana for another fruit of your choice (I'm thinking mango or berries).

This is a vegan, raw, gluten free, nut free, sugar free treat. And yes, it still tastes delicious I promise. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

scrambled lemon tofu

I love going out for breakfast. I can list a handful of places we go on a semi regular basis but I tend to get stuck ordering the same things over and over without getting bored.
This dish is an attempt at recreating a meal I used to get at a local place called Rosey's a while ago. But the menu has changed multiple times since and although it still has lots of delicious options (still served with the amazing Mylor Bakery bread) I still crave their scrambled tofu.
Since I can't get someone to make it for me anymore I have been playing around making it at home. The main aspect I really like about this is the lemon, don't be shy with the juice, it should be tangy.