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I am based in Adelaide, South Australia. I live with my partner Kev who is the brains behind this operation and the head taste tester. One day we will get a dog, for now we have a herb garden. Thanks for stopping by!

Why a food blog?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good food blog. it is like having endless access to free food magazines. But really does the internet need another food blog? no, not really. So you might wonder why I have created yet another one. The reason is simply I kept being asked for recipes. So my thinking was, if I put them all here then everyone can help themselves. Right? 

Why "a new hope"?

I asked Kev what I should call my blog and after a few dismissed ideas he came up with "a new hope" partially because it reflects our ethos and ideas about food, and partially because it is the title of the first original Star Wars movie. 

Things we love about Adelaide:

The farmers markets, for the best fresh food. Going to all the amazing independent cafes around Adelaide like Bar 9, A mothers milk, Rosie's, Hawker street cafe, Brown Dog and many many more. Eating at the central markets. "Mad March" (the Fringe, Festival, Womadelaide etc). The live music scene (...ahem Kev's bands..) That it takes 20mins to the hills or the sea. All our friends and family.

Why Vegan?

See food philosophy.

I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment on the blog or email me at coulter.clare@gmail.com

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