food philosophy

I don't like labels. I avoided being a vegetarian for many years because I wasn't sure about having a label that described me. Then one day I sat down and started reading "The kind diet" and once I started I couldn't stop, and once I started thinking about what it means to eat animals, I couldn't do it anymore. 
I don't call myself a vegan, although we only eat vegan food at home. I will very occasionally eat some dairy if it is in something that someone has made for me, and chocolate can be a major downfall. It is a constant work in progress and I am comfortable with that. 
When I decided to become a vegetarian I was pretty sure Kev would not be impressed. He loves his burgers and steak nights. But, I was very pleasantly surprised. Since then we have embraced a vegetarian/ vegan household and have continued to surprise ourselves with how delicious the food is and how healthy we feel. 
Our main ethos is that food is a basic human right and that everyone in the world should have access to healthy food and clean water. Unfortunately due to the mass production of animal products and the use of grains to feed animals, a lot of people are missing out.  The impact is huge on the environment, on our health and on the lives of the animals who end up on our plates. 
So to cut a long story short, what do we value in our food? Clean, simple, healthy plant based food. We limit the processed foods we use and aim to buy local and organic food where possible. We hope by doing this that we are reducing our impact on the earth and allow all people and animals to live a better life. 

We do this for our bodies, our planet and our friends the animals both big and small.

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