Wednesday, 12 December 2012

christmas cooking and gift ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and I can't claim to be at all organised but we have a tree up and I have at least started thinking about the vego food options. 
Every year for the last few years I have given boxes of homemade biscuits as gifts to family and friends. Although it began as a poor student alternative to having to buy presents I now really enjoy choosing what to make and making pretty boxes to give to people. I love receiving homemade presents and since none of us really need anything it is a nice way to give a little something without adding more stuff to peoples homes that they don't want or need.  
 This year I am still choosing what to make for my gift boxes but these are a few yummy vegan cookie ideas:

A variation on these pretty ginger cookies

oh so cute thumb print cookies to take to house parties 

So many choices... as for Christmas lunch...

As much as I would love to host a vegan healthy Christmas lunch but the extended family are not quiet ready for that. So until then I will make delicious things to contribute to the meal where ever I go. Having said that we are having people over for breakfast Christmas morning. I really want to try to make the vegan version of these and serve them with coffee or teas and fresh fruit. Sounds like a lovely way to start the day.

Then to take to lunch I have a few things in mind...

Something like this for the vego "roast" or maybe this one 

A big quinoa salad filled with beans and greens maybe this one or just something that comes together on the day.

For sweets I wanted to make something vegan and delicious maybe a pumpkin pie or these chocolate avocado tarts looks amazing or more seasonal for a summer Christmas. 

Of course there will be lots of roasted veggies to have and make kind of big green salad so that should cover the five or six vegos that will be there.... I'm sure the other fifteen or so people might want something too. 

I Hope you all have something delicious and healthy to eat for Christmas and wonderful people to share it with.




 (No, the tree isn't mine. I wish it was! check it out here. )

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