Friday, 17 August 2012

Sleepy weekday breakfast

I've always been a morning person, but lately getting up and out the house is getting harder and harder. Not really a surprise given it is cold and wet outside and I'd rather sleep an extra half hour than get up and go for a run or get to work. In order to entice myself out of bed (and to get out the door on time) I have been preparing a delicious breakfast the night before. The breakfast of choice has been a kind of bircher muesli, but kept really simple. The best thing about it is the soaked oats become really creamy and almost milky. If you didn't know this was dairy free you would assume they had been soaked in milk.

Vegan Quick Oats 
(Serves 1) 

1/2 a cup of organic rolled oats
5 dried peaches (diced)
1 tbsp of chia seeds
Any fresh fruit you like!

The night before combine chia seeds, peaches and oats. Pour water over to cover by a couple of centimeters. Stir  and cover with a small plate and leave over night. In the morning add chopped strawberries and banana and enjoy. Easy! 
A few notes, I understand organic rolled oats are double the price of regular oats but for some reason the non organic oats don't soften as well as the organic ones.  The chia seeds are entirely optional but are delicious and a good way to get some omega-3's in your day. You can replace the water with milk of choice. I have tried it with almond milk and it was also delicious.

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